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Please tell us the special story of Truezyme


Fermentation Story

The source of life extension and the power of mysterious fermentation

Fermentation, the aesthetics of waiting

The power of fermentation through a long time commitment

The beneficial protein by-products generated during fermentation strengthen skin!
Nano conversion of active ingredients maximizes absorption and nutrition is supplied deeply and fast!
Make sensitive and stimulated skin comfortable! Make moisture be enough!

Story of Oriental Medicine

Oriental medicine, a mystery of the Orient

Selected oriental medicine ingredients good for scalp and skin by consultation of
oriental medicine doctors.
  • Pleuropterus
  • houttuynia cordata
  • jujube
  • licorice
  • cordata
  • Korean angelica root
  • cypress oil
  • peony root
  • crydium
  • artemisia herb
  • broccoli sprouts

Jeju Story

Truezyme is produced in Jeju through thorough quality control

Native raw materials of Jeju grown by breathing with the water, wind,
and stones of natural Jeju are a symbol of cleanliness and health.
  • Tangerine peel
  • green tea
  • kelp
  • aloe
  • camellia flower
  • lotus flower
  • Jeju lava seawater

Lava seawater born with Jeju Island 400,000 years ago

The lava seawater is the seawater that is naturally filtered by the volcanic rock layer and permeated into the ground of the land
It is rich in rare minerals (Zn, V, Ge) and nutrients and contains a lot of minerals useful for human body.
It is a natural mineral water that can only be used in Lava Seawater Complex in Jeju Island.

No hazardous chemical ingredients

  • Products without paraben, silicone oil and sulfate ingredients

    Except for all ingredients suspected of being harmful, the natural raw materials
    and oriental medicine ingredients from Jeju are added to the fermentation solution.
    Safe products that any petroleum-derived chemical ingredients such as paraben, silicone oil and sulphate are not added.
    Truezyme is aimed at 0% hazard suspected ingredients.

EWG green grade

All ingredients have EWG green grade

Truezyme applied US EWG green grade to all raw materials and additives.

EWG (Environmental Working Group) US nonprofit civil society
EWG grade: Notify the hazard of cosmetic raw materials by itself and indicate the grade by scoring.
    • green grade 0-2grade
    • yellow grade 3-6grade
    • red grade 7-10grade
  • Family Cosmetics Truezyme!
    Apply the green grade of the raw material grade to raw materials and all additives!

    amily Cosmetics Truezyme that can be used by everyone by
    matching the green grade to all ingredients of each raw material

Water pollution prevention

  • Eco-friendly fermentation company that practices earth love

    Petroleum-based surfactants in conventional shampoos are known to be toxic to the ecosystem and cause cancer.
    All products of Truezyme exclude petroleum-based surfactants and petroleum-based chemicals, which are the main cause of water pollution.

Truezyme 정보

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