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Introducing eco-friendly fermentation brand, Truezyme



Truezyme's honest step is still underway.

Truezyme is an honest company that constantly researches and
agonizes to make reliable, safe and effective products.
  • · Started research and development of fermentation related products
  • · Began the development of a fermented undiluted solution containing natural raw materials from Jeju
  • · First launching of a shampoo containing a natural raw material fermented solution from Jeju
  • · Started the development of a cleaning agent with a fermented undiluted solution effective for problematic scalp and dry skin.
  • · Launched a naturally fermented shampoo, a body wash, and a baby wash
  • · Started 'nature-bearing enzyme story' business
  • · Began the development of natural raw materials from Jeju and fermented undiluted solutions of a domestic oriental medicine undiluted solution.
  • · Launched Truezyme brand.
  • · Entry into national medical clinics, beauty salons, and management rooms
  • · Entry into "Pibro" (24 branches) in the nationwide franchise oriental medical clinic
  • · Opened the company homepage / shopping mall (
  • · Participation in Seoul International Sourcing Fair (COEX/Korea International Trade Association) by invitation
  • · KOTRA Export EXPO (Boom-up Korea)
  • · Participated in Weifang Korea, China, and Japan Industry Fair (Shandong, China) by invitation
  • · Entry into multiple beauty salons in Gangnam
  • · Established Truezyme Co., Ltd.
  • · Package/logo design changes
  • · Completed the upgrade of R&D of oriental medicine raw materials and a sprout raw material fermented undiluted solution.
  • · Completed entry into newly opened beauty salons in Ulaanbaatar of Mongolia
  • · Moved to Ulsan Techno Park Technology Innovation Pavilion
  • · Participated in Ulsan Metropolitan City Invited World Congress & Export Consultation (Selected as the No.1 company in buyer matching requests)
  • · Appeared in the broadcasting of Ulsan MBC Hidden Champion Company Selection (May 1).
  • · Joined the Global Futures Club of the Small and Medium Business Council as a member in July.
  • · The company affiliated research center moved to Ulsan Techno Park in August.
  • · Confirmed the establishment of a subsidiary in USA in August.
  • · Completed the release of True Perm hair permanent waves liquid in October.
  • · 2016 Seoul Beauty Expo Korea (COEX) in November
  • · Completed US FDA certification.
  • · Completed the certification of the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan.
  • · Grand prize in Hallyu product 1R show for entry into Asian markets
  • · Dog line, cosmetics line, gold pack, and mask pack to be released
  • · Selected as a star start-up company in Ulsan Metropolitan City in March (Supervised by Ulsan TP)
  • · Selected as a HIT 500 Business Support Target in March (Small and Medium Business Promotion Corporation)

Company Philosophy

Truezyme brand that means a true enzyme

Contained a mysterious vitality of UNESCO heritage, the healthy energy of natural environment clean Jeju and a domestic oriental medicine ingredients fermented solution.
  • Obtained certification from the US Food and Drug Administration.

    They are FDA certified honest products
    that can be used with confidence.

  • Truezyme started from the thought that we want to get a little farther from worries about scalp and hair troubles, skin troubles, and chemical ingredients that everybody experience at least once in life. In addition to the health of nature that overcame the rain and wind of clean Jeju, we added the oriental medicine ingredients of mysterious aura and created products with the traditional and orignal fermentation technique of Korea.
    We thought that it would be really good if we could safely solve the problem of skin and scalp which anyone suffered regardless of age and gender with easy way, and if the product could help us.
    Truezyme will keep healthy beauty and environment with unchanging belief like unwavering trees and stones.

Why is Truezyme particularly different from other natural products?

No matter how good a material is, there is no meaning if the content amount is small.
Please check the special points of Truezyme only.
  • Special Points
    With30% ~ 90%
    of the content rate of a fermented
    undiluted solution and 98% or more
    of nature originated ingredients,
    the EWG grades of all maximum
    ingredients are green grades.
  • 3FREE /
    Product without the ingredients of paraben, silicone oil and sulfate
  • Truezyme care system
    Use natural native raw materials from Jeju and domestic
    oriental medicine raw materials.
    Product for which US EWG green grad is applied to all products and ingredients
  • Organic korean
    Use natural native raw materials from Jeju and domestic oriental medicine raw materials.
  • Water Pollution prevention
    Eco-friendly cleanser that prevents water pollution
  • Fermenration system
    Contain a specially fermented undiluted solution and the content of the undiluted solution is more than 30 ~ 90%.
  • Jeju lava sea water
    Contain rare mineral-rich Jeju lava seawater.

No matter how good a material is, there is no meaning if the content amount is small.

Compare it with products of other companies.
Truezyme uses natural material with a minimum natural content of 96% and a maximum of 98%, and boasts a maximum content of 90% of an oriental medicine undiluted solution.
  • Petrochemical (Other products)
    Less than 1% or more of raw materials
    ALL 석유계 화학제품
  • Natural / fermentation / low petrochemical
    Indication of risk levels in additives
    Known 3-7 kinds are free among announced 20 kinds
    Contain some natural ingredients
    Contain small amounts of 1 to 2 fermentation ingredients
  • Truezyme
    Natural / fermentation / non-petrochemical
    96% natural fuel
    natural fuel
    96% non-petrochemical
    Total 4% of aromas and supplements
    Undiluted solution content
    (Optimization ratio)
    30-90% or more of individual prescription by product
    Containing Jeju lava seawater
    Purified water is not diluted.

Are the products of Truezyme for whom?

Please check if both sexes and the older and the younger correspond to the items below.
  • · Scalp problem caused by stress, drinking, smoking, environment, and dyeing
  • · Daily habits of using it without distinction between shampoo and body wash
Female and pregnant woman
  • · Excessive use of chemical ingredients by cosmetics, procedures, cleaning agents, etc.
  • · Skin sensitization and stimulation due to hormonal changes
  • · Hair thinning after childbirth
  • · Exposure to chemical ingredients during lactation
  • · Scalp and skin sensitivity due to frequent procedures such as dyeing, firming, and nail
Old man
  • · Itching due to skin dryness
  • · Keratin and skin sensitivity
  • · Smell
  • · Hair thinning
Young man
  • · Itching due to skin dryness
  • · Sensitivity and stimulation
  • · Oily scalp
  • · Fear of absorption of environmental hormones by chemical ingredients
Truezyme products are products that can be used by males, females, old persons, and young persons.
Forget all these troubles and worries with Truezyme solutions!

Truezyme 정보

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