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Truezyme 정보

TRUEZYME CO., LTD,   Ltd.CEO: Hong, Kyu Ree   Address : B-508, Ulsan Techno Park, Jongga-ro
15, Jung-gu, Ulsan, Korea    
Mail:   Tel: +82 70-7804-3336    Fax: +82 502-257-3379
Company Registration No.: 736-86-00272    
Telecommunication Service Registration No.: 2016-Ulsan Jung-gu-0118

CUSTOMER CENTER: +82 70. 7804. 3336 WeekdayAM 09:00 - PM 06:00 (Weekend Closed) / LunchAM 12:00 - PM 01:00
NH 301-0185-8456-21 , Industrial Bank 697-028810-01-013 / Account Holder Truezyme



+82 70. 7804. 3336